t i l t : an exhibition of five years in alaska, 2016

Exhibition Statement

To be an artist is an interesting thing.  To make the work, curate and direct one’s own exhibition has been exceptionally interesting.  As was the decision to drive to Alaska to pursue a new project, it is risky, scary and the outcome is unknown.

In June of 2011 I packed my Subaru with a big blue dress, an ambitious idea, left Seattle and headed north. I never expected anything nor had a clue as to what I was really doing.  However, what happened could not have been realized without such risk. What happened with the work was more than I ever imagined, so I decided to stay and see how my work could evolve.

Alaska is a special place.  A place that encourages strength and pushing boundaries.  The constant change in light reminds us where we are.  It is because of the tilt of the earth that we face extreme shifts, imbalance, and are able to witness the power of the natural world.

Five years later, living in the north is still challenging me. Lessons and experiences continue to reveal themselves through my creative process.  I have been able to further understand solitude, test my endurance and watch the dynamic transitions from season to season.

This exhibition is a collection of works created between summer 2011- spring 2016.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to travel, work with extraordinary collaborators, experiment with new media and all while experiencing and reflecting on the wildness and grandeur of our unique landscape.

My hope is to engage not only the local commnity, but also travelers with conversations about art, life in the north and big ideas.

I am incredibly fortunate and thankful for the help I have received developing this project. Thank you : Matt Bower, Laura Chartier, Christina Grande, Melanie Lombard, Mike Mayo, Alicia Nelson, Mark Nelson, and Pete Robinson. Thank you to Steel Fab for a super solid sign.

A very special thank you to Ryan Kenny who has contributed his expertise and dedicated much of his time to the success of this exhibition.        

     Amy Johnson, 2016


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